Paul Labile Pogba: The key to Manchester United’s revival

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Paul Pogba is United’s most talented midfielder and arguably the most talented midfielder in the world. However he is viewed negatively by many and they want him out, in this thread I will explain why keeping him is essential if we are to conquer football once more.


What is his best position?
Many United fans are unclear as to what Pogba’s best position is. He is most effective either playing as a mezzala (half winger) either side of a midfield trio or as a deep lying playmaker, almost like a quarterback in the NFL or point guard in the NBA.

At Juventus, Pogba was usually used on the left of a midfield three, with Pirlo behind him. Pirlo sitting back to control things, coupled with the strength of Juve’s defence, gave Pogba freedom to attack and he wasn’t Juve’s only creative outlet, placing less of a burden on him.

At United, however, he’s had a great defensive burden placed on him as our defence was weak, and was expected to run the offence alone. This has made it difficult for him to maintain form, however the addition of Fernandes to the squad and bolstering of the defence changes this.

Pogba is no longer expected to defend as much as he was before and has another creative outlet in the side, placing less demand on him to produce. Furthermore, the development of Rashford, Greenwood and Martial means more of the chances he creates are likely to be put away.

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