Dispelling some common myths – Pogba is lazy:

Many fans claim Pogba does not work hard on the pitch for United. However, when comparing him to city’s midfielders from his time in the league, only Fernandinho outruns him (excluding Pogba’s 19/20).

Finally, he doesn’t run around aimlessly. Before his injury at the beginning of this season, Pogba was the only player in the league with 10+ chances created and 30+ ball recoveries, coming second and first in those respective categories. Hardworking and effective at both ends.


Myth number 2 – Pogba has a negative attitude and this affects the team:
This couldn’t be further from the truth and is a result of a media agenda. Many members of the squad and coaching staff have publicly praised Pogba and spoken of how much they love working with him.

Pogba is professional, he doesn’t drink or smoke, doesn’t live a big party lifestyle, has always been respectful to others and works very hard in training, often staying late. Ole has described him as having a heart of gold and as being a top professional. He is happy with Pogba.

Bruno, Mctominay, Shaw and Maguire are just a few of our players who have publicly praised Pogba, Mctominay said Pogba was very helpful to him coming through and is the same with other young players.
Rashford has also praised Pogba very highly

Pogba is clearly seen as a leader within the squad, everybody respects and looks up to him a lot. During lockdown, he has been training with Pereira, Lindelof and Martial, also coaching them to help them improve. He has shown his leadership qualities at the world cup for France.

Myth number 3 – Pogba hasn’t done anything for United:
Completely untrue. Pogba has routinely been not only one of United’s best players, but one of the best midfielders in the league, with an average rating of 7.65 from 2016-19. Brilliant in a poor team.
Credit @RealistYahz

In 16/17, Pogba created more chances than any other midfielder in the league. Despite this, he somehow only finished with 4 assists, an example of how he has been let down by the lack of quality around him a lot of the time.

Moving on to look at Pogba’s metrics. Pogba’s numbers have improved every season as a United player barring 19/20 due to injury. He amassed 9 goal contributions in 16/17 (5G 4A), 16 in 17/18 (6G 10A) and 22 in 18/19 (13G 9A). All before he even entered his prime.

So why should we keep Pogba?
Pogba recently turned 27 so is getting into his prime years as a footballer now, and with the way he looks after himself physically he seems poised to have an extended prime. From what he’s done so far, having him these years could make us dangerous.

The things he has done in football up to now are nothing short of incredible. The numbers, individual honours (golden boy, FIFA world XI, PFA TOTY etc) and key role he has played in the success of United and Juventus all show his ability, which has never been in question.

Pogba has been played out of position and utilised poorly in quite frankly a weak United team. However, with the improvements that have been made to the side there is a real chance for us to get the best out of Pogba now, going into the golden years of his career.

This coupled with the fact that there are little to no midfielders in the world with Pogba’s physical and technical attributes. He is quick, strong, good in the air and on the ball he can score from anywhere, dribble well and has a ridiculous passing range on both feet.

There are no real areas of weakness in Pogba’s game, he has proven to be a very good defender too. This unique skillset makes him an incredibly useful asset to have and difficult to play against, which many opposition players testify to. Even his own teammates in training.

Having Pogba in the team actually gives us a psychological advantage, players do not like coming up against him and are generally scared to take him on because they know they will likely be dominated both physically and technically. Lampard says Pogba would’ve run all over him.

Lampard is not the only football legend who has spoken of Pogba’s ability. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has referred to Pogba as the best midfielder in the world.
Patrick Viera has said Pogba can be greater than he was.
Zidane said Pogba can become one of the greatest footballers ever.

To conclude, United are building something special, and finally they have a team that Pogba can fit into and play his best football in. For success to return to United, we need his goal contributions, leadership and ability to pick us up and carry us on his back when needed.

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