Twitter Reacts As Manchester United Finally Confirm Signing Of Bruno Fernandes

Well look at us, who would’ve thought it? Not me. Bruno Fernandes has finally been confirmed as a Manchester United player in the Premier League.

After months and months and months of tiresome speculation, United finally have the solution to all their problems – a creative centre midfielder.


Despite us hoping for a ​spectacular announcement of the signing, the Red Devils’ media team opted for an surprisingly muted offering. Just a nice graphic of Fernandes in his new red jersey. 

Luckily, there was plenty of top quality content to get our teeth stuck into in the wider social mediaverse – including a lovely welcome message from the Red Devils skipper. 


The first outpouring of emotion came from United fans who, quite frankly, were just relieved that the deal was over the line. 

We feel your pain people, don’t worry…


It feels like we’ve waited forever, but Bruno Fernandes is finally in United colours!


Me waiting for bruno to pass his medical… #BrunoFernandes

​​Fernandes’ arrival also ushered in a debate over just how good he really is. 

Unsurprisingly – this is social media we are talking about after all – opinions were polarised. 


Bruno Fernandes might not be a world class player right now. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be better than Kevin Debruyne in a span of one year.I just hope he does a Salah for the sake of Portugal.


how is Bruno fernandes worth 55 mil? overrated.

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