Ole Gunnar Solskjær´s Manchester United rebuild

Ole Gunnar Solskjær´s Manchester United rebuild 🔴

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I firmly believe OGS was not brought in to United to win the Premier League, but to rebuild Manchester United, and restore the Manchester United way. As cliché as it may seem, he knows the club inside and out.

In the years after Sir Alex Ferguson left, the club has been in danger of letting all of that tradition disappear, and OGS is here to restore that. Once he finishes rebuilding the club, which I think he will do successfully, then we can discuss whether he is the right man to lead the club from the sidelines. But until then, look what he has done in just over a years time:

Marouane Fellaini:
Whether rightfully so or not, he was easily the most critised United player post Ferguson era. Under OGS he played a total of 2 matches and was let go after a month.

Ander Herrera:
The one that got away. He was offered a new deal, but couldn´t come to an agreement with the club. I would love if he was still a United player, but I completely understand his desire to get out at the time he did.

Antonio Valencia:
Left on a free transfer. Very ridiculed by the fanbase in the latter stages of his career. “A winger playing fullback”, and honestly, he did struggle to keep up in last season. Right decision by OGS.

Matteo Darmian:
Brought in by LVG, and one of the scapegoats for the supporters. Limited offensively, I honestly feel he was a very good defender on his day, and was a good backup fullback.Don´t blame him for wanting out, and OGS obliged. Understandable from all sides.

Chris Smalling:
The list continues to grow of players who were no longer “welcome in our club” by the divine right of United supporters. A solid CB, but good enough? Mocked on many occasions, perhaps unfairly so. OGS let him walk on loan. Probably best for everyone involved.

Alexis Sanchez:
I admit I wanted him at United, however I do not have much to defend Alexis with. An absolutely horrible spell at the club, OGS did fantastic to get him out of the club no matter how it happened.

Romelu Lukaku:
Maybe the most controversial figure, and the biggest symbol of OGS rebuild. No one can tell me he is not a fantastic striker, but he simply did not fit with OGS philosophy. All XI players must be on the same page to succeed, he was not in the same book.

Ashley Young:
The latest to depart under OGS. Another player fans loved to hate over the last few years. Clearing him out will give Williams a run in the side to end of the year, but I think his availability will be missed.

As I said earlier, I am not convinced OGS will be in charge when United next win the Premier League. But I think whoever is in charge at the time can thank him for making it possible.

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